Seoul Stream New Song “Haunt / A Light”

Seoul Stream New Song "Haunt / A Light"

Seoul have shared a new track off their forthcoming debut album, I Become A Shade, record, “Haunt / A Light.” The LP comes out on June 9th via Grand jury.

The band note that the song is about “experiencing and navigating the transitions that result from the pursuit of something incorporeal – comfort, happiness, security, fulfillment all fall under the umbrella of states that this song describes yearning for and falling short of. At the surface, the pursuit of such immaterial things can be frustrating and confusing, we often feel as though we’re acting in vain and lack a clear idea of what we are actually seeking. Adding to this disoriented state is the feeling of newly re-establishing oneself in a city that seems filled with grounded, motivated and successful people. The only option becomes to surrender oneself to this seemingly perpetual state of not having an answer, and to allow this to in turn motivate the fundamental pursuit – to find comfort and security in flux, and accept that stability can actually come from perpetual motion.”

Seoul have separated their debut album, I Become A Shade, into three distinct suites, equal parts gauzy dream-pop, reverberant R&B, and speculative ambient, making for an impressive and intoxicating debut. The album includes their previously self-released tracks for “Stay With Us” and “White Morning” which both can be heard on soundcloud.

Comprised of kindergarten classmates Nigel Ward and Julian Flavin, and art school transplant Dexter Garcia, the three pieced the album together in a sort of collage or trial and error process over the course of a year, revealing the slow sculptural nature of studio work. Ward calls it a “process of organizing our intuitions into cohesive moments and seeing where it takes us.” The three of them work equally on all tracks, as Garcia notes, “it’s rare that a song doesn’t change hands quite a few times prior to us finishing it. And most of this elaboration on an idea is done rotating through a computer and reacting to each other’s contributions in relation to the direction things are going in.”

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