“Semicolon Parentheses” by déCollage

Formed in 2009 by Reed Fuchs, déCollage is hardly a four-piece, as over 20 of Denver’s most creative musicians chose to participate on Magnetize, including members of Rose Quartz, Sound of Ceres/Candy Claws, Rubedo and many more. Their shows are theatrical, free-spirited parties; interactive to the point the audience gets doused in space blankets while transcendental artists paint on stage. déCollage has played alongside the likes of Animal Collective, of Montreal, Zammuto {The Books}, and Flaming Lips collaborators: Fever The Ghost, & Linear Downfall. Their eclectic psych-pop incorporates accordion, glockenspiel, etc, over a canvas of found sounds Reed records {typewriters, trains, leaves, zippers, oatmeal, circuit bending}. Reed’s lyrics navigate our fragmented, post-modern world through metaphysics, surrealism, abstraction, and most of all wonder! déCollage is interested in sounds for their own sake; in this way their music is World, the world of sound, the world’s sound.

In 2013 déCollage found itself at the forefront of Denver’s burgeoning psychedelic movement, led by Moon Magnet Collective’s founder, Reed Fuchs. Moon Magnet picked up the torch where Elephant 6 Collective left off, releasing three compilations on their label, producing records for local bands everyday, and eventually helping throw Denver Psych Fest. Moon Magnet is the latest incarnation of a house with a storied past of creativity and innovation. Moon Magnet is an artist collective with a lot of branches; it’s an umbrella with a multiverse of eccentrics under it. Inside Moon Magnet people sing & dance endlessly, or learn how to rap & beat box, or dream of being a director and then shoot their first short film. Moon Magnet is a place where artists can be themselves and express freely. In the rehearsal space, eight of Denver’s most adventurous bands practice between recording sessions every week. Moon Magnet’s spirit of endless possibilities can be experienced at their monthly residency or circuit bending nights. Moon Magnet strives to inspire musician’s to try new things and promotes a “you can do anything with practice; barriers are mostly mental” DIY ethos.

At the center of this vortex, Magnetize was born and picked up by Misra Records, who distribute worldwide via Sub Pop Licensing.