“Say Yeah” By The Eyebrows

North Carolina band The Eyebrows include singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Jay Garrigan; bassist and vocalist Darrin Gray; and drummer and multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lynch. The band formed in 2018, and is described as an extension of deep friendships and telepathic musical chemistry. Their friend Mitch Easter (REM, Let’s Active)—suggested they try recording themselves. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based rock n’ roll band did just that, and they still found time to record with Mitch at Fidelitorium Studio in Kernersville, NC.

Double Take, the trio’s third album, was tracked and mixed in two vastly different ways. Side One features polished studio tracks recorded and mixed by Mitch. Side Two was tracked at The Eyebrows’ practice space, and it was produced and mixed by Garrigan. This side features raw and meaty recordings reminiscent of the live b-side cuts you might have heard on early REM albums. The entire album was mastered by Bill Skibbe (Jack White, The Kills, The Black Keys) at Third Man Mastering in Nashville, TN.

“We’re a double threat. I’m not sure if everyone in the band can dance, so we can’t be a triple threat,” Jay says laughing. He continues: “We are a great studio band and a great live band, not many bands do both of those well, and I wanted to showcase those aspects on this new album.”

Say Yeah! is a celebration of those times when you need an energetic friend to nudge you towards a good time. The song is inspired by the ’80s movie, Heavy Metal, and its soundtrack, which resonated with Jay’s 11-year-old self. Lines like, You say Yeah ’cause you’re from outer space, Spread your wings and save the human race, pay homage to the movie’s energy and attitude. The fun and exclamatory lyrics here deviate from Jay’s usual introspective style, and they represent a call to action, urging you to let go of whatever holds you back. “It’s about shedding inhibitions and embracing the experience,” Jay says.

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