Untitled (Black Is) Sault album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions

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Sault Untitled (Black Is)

Untitled (Black Is)

“It’s time to wake up. We have walked the walk many years … we have expressed our voices. People have died … Nobody listened, nobody cared …. This generation cares.” Halfway through, Untitled (Black Is), one of the amazing two albums that the mysterious UK based band Sault dropped this year, is this interstitial piece of spoken word entitled “This Generation”. The track voiced by Laurette Josiah, who founded a London based children’s charity, exemplifies the work that Sault has been doing over the last couple of years. The band seemed to appear out of nowhere, dropping two records in 2019 and two records this year that are potent, provocative looks into the full spectrum of Black existence. A collection of R&B, funk, spoken word and protest anthems, Untitled (Black Is) is the perfect record to score this year.

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