Samurai Champs debut new single “Dripping”

Samurai Champs debut new single "Dripping"
Samurai Champs

Samurai Champs are R&B/hip-hop duo, consisting of new-wave rapper Jeah and dark-soul/R&B singer Merv xx Gotti, the duo draw influence from their Southeast Asian heritage while taking pride in their urban-Canadian identity. Blending Jeah’s versatile rap vocal delivery with Merv xx Gotti’s emotional R&B vocals, the duo create a smooth, yet dark coalescence of modern hip-hop/R&B. Today the duo have released their brand new single “Dripping”. Samurai Champs are currently working on a new album, and will play SXSW 2018.

Merv xx Gotti on “Dripping”:

“‘Dripping’ is our expression of our unbending conviction to bring the new sound of the prairies to the rest of the world. Where we’re from is cold, vast, and desolate. But from this isolation, we gained the headspace needed to combine the sounds of east and west and create our new sound of tomorrow. Starting from this single, and through our upcoming album, we aim to uplift the strength of the new sound of the prairies.”


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