“Dead Boys” Sam Fender

"Dead Boys" by Sam Fender id Northern Transmissions' 'Song Of The Day'
"Dead Boys" by Sam Fender

This week, UK artist Sam Fender released his debut EP Entitled Dead Boys via Polydor Records, which contains two new songs, “Poundshop Kardashians” and ‘Spice.” This week also sees Sam sharing the the EP’s lead track “Dead Boys.” Leading to the release Sam Fender released handful of singles whose lyrics tackle hard-hitting subjects of social importance and generational significance. The singer/songwriter is currently touring Europe and will be announcing North American dates, in the near future.

Sam Fender
Dead Boys
track listing

Dead Boys – Prelude
Dead Boys
Spice Up Your Life
Poundshop Kardashians
That Sound

Sam Fender
Tour Dates

NOV 25 Witloof Bar – Botanique Brussels, Belgium
NOV 26 Le Pop Up du Label Paris, France
NOV 28 Zehner Munich, Germany
NOV 29 Auster Club Berlin, Germany
NOV 30 Artheatre Cologne, Germany
DEC 01 De Helling Utrecht, Netherlands
DEC 30 Falls Festival Marion Bay, Australia
DEC 31 Falls Festival Lorne, Australia
JAN 02 Falls Festival Byron Bay, Australia
JAN 05 Falls Festival Fremantle, Australia
JAN 09 The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne, Australia
JAN 10 The Metro Theatre, Sydney, Australia
FEB 25 Gorilla Manchester, United Kingdom

Sam Fender on Dead Boys

“I’m ranting about the stupid stuff we idolise in the western world, but feeling helpless because I’m not smart enough to pose an argument for its destruction,” he explains. “I’m panicking all the time. I just don’t understand the world we live in and I think a lot of people feel like that.”

“My songs come from a very real place, a lad from the North-East of England writing about what’s in front of his face,” he says. “I never will claim to be an expert about the issues I talk about, but I will try and talk about them.”

One thing Fender can claim to be an expert on is North Shields, the area that has shaped his gnarled, songs more than anything else. “It’s a very proud place. My dad was a club musician, and worked as an electrician and various other jobs. He played social clubs for years, people I grew up with were grafting through the week in different jobs and playing gigs at the weekend,” Fender says. “They were part of a big community and industry that got destroyed in the ’80s, so I grew up when everything was dismantled.”

The Dead Boys EP finds space for a thank you to music itself. His next gambit, the seismic That Sound, wriggles and bangs through a melody that supports the big-hearted idea that music keeps Sam Fender on the straight and narrow. It’s always been his only viable option.

“It pulls me out of the shit every time,” he says. “It’s the only reason I’m doing this, it’s the only thing I can do. Let’s go do it.”