Sacred Bones Records Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary on December 21 in the Mojave Desert. Zola Jesus, Psychic Ills, Cult of Youth + More

Five years ago, Sacred Bones Records was formed to fill the need for releasing the work of musicians who otherwise wouldn’t have found a home. From the start the label was driven by pure originality and style, which led to enough success for more releases. It didn’t take long for Sacred Bones to amass a catalog of significant and genre-bending underground milestones. Artists like Blank Dogs and Zola Jesus found a platform for their voices, and delving deeper into its obsessions, Sacred Bones used its new-found footing to unearth incredible unheard artifacts from 80’s post-punk bands like Cultural Decay and 13th Chime.

In it’s fifth year the label continues to forge its own path. Artists such as The Men, Pop.1280, Cult of Youth and VÅR are creating sounds that push the label and music itself forward; while long running acts such as Moon Duo and Psychic Ills are the glue that holds the catalog together. Perhaps the most personal of the label’s projects, the landmark expanded reissue of David Lynch’s Eraserhead Soundtrack, shows a deep commitment to the aesthetic principles upon which the label was founded.