RUMTUM Debuts New Single “Shade Fader”

RUMTUM has dropped his brand new single "Shade Fader." The electronic producer's song is available via steaming services
RUMTUM "Shade Fader"

“Shade Fader” is the latest track from RUMTUM. John Hastings AKA: RUMTUM is an Electronic producer and instrumental enthusiast. The Cleveland native offers a broad frequency, and whether it be his love for native spirits or sea life, the natural world plays a significant role in the dynamics of his writing. From a young age his obsession for mixers and knobs grew into a passion for recording with found objects and handmade instruments. And while learning drums provided the musical foundation to understand bass and guitar, a fascination with synthesizers and explorations into field recordings continues to inspire his craft.

John Hastings AKA: RUMTUM “Shade Fader:”

“”Shade fader” is a call to finding solace in nature and embracing the Introspective state. warming up vintage preamps and tape decks helped the whirlwind sounds of a Yamaha CS-80 create this mystical landscape. Let the bass guitar do most of the story telling and kick back with an Arnold Palmer. –”


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