Royal Shoals Premiere “Com et Dius”

Royal Shoals Premiere their single "Com et Dius" off their latest EP Hotel.


In 2013, Philadelphia’s Royal Shoals paddled out onto a loch and rode the wake of British post-punk back to shore. To be sure, the waves of their jangly and harmonic predecessors still feed the sound on their latest efforts, but now the waves are swiftly breaking upon the East Coast of the US. This sound is driving home from the Jersey Shore with kinetic urgency and somewhere along the trip the crashing of ocean waves gives way and blends with the rhythms of the El, of electricity, and of waves of every sort. In 2014 the Shoals (made up of former members of The Ropers [Teen Beat], Saturday People [Slumberland] and Public Records) will emerge from their annual studio retreat (with sound counselor and fellow traveler, Jeff Ziegler – Wars on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing) and will present five more songs on their upcoming EP (self-titled, 3rd release).

Royal Shoals – Hotel

1. Billow and Brume
2. Version Hotel
3. Golden Gate
4. Seasick
5. Com et Dius?

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