“Rosemary” Nicholas krgovich

"Rosemary" by Nicholas krgovich is our 'Song of the Day'
"Rosemary" by Nicholas krgovich

Nicholas Krgovich has collaborated with Mount Eerie, Nite Jewel, Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors) and Dear Nora, and his wildly diverse discography shows an unmistakable and deep commitment to exploring the endless possibilities of pop. On Krgovich’s new record however, after experiencing heart-break for the first time at 35, all goes out the window. What is left is a vivid and candid account of love gone sideways and the songs that poured out, all written and recorded out of necessity before anything else. Nicholas Krgovich’s full-length OUCH will be released on 26th October via Tin Angel Records.

Nicholas Krgovich on OUCH

“I didn’t mean to write songs, I just started hearing them, and I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t even thinking while I was doing it. The tap turned on. I’m sure that happens to a bunch of people, but that’s never happened to me in this particular way before.”

“I got dumped in the spring of 2017, in a way that made the whole, brief but potent relationship all of a sudden seem like a bit of a joke. But then some deep churning and real feelings started to happen, and life became hilariously heavy and impossible feeling. The next morning, I remember waking myself up before my alarm sobbing and wailing. I was in hell but was also somewhere rolling my eyes at the absurdity of how “on the nose” all this was. I couldn’t help it. It was also interesting having to grapple with these primal, teenager-y feelings as a person in their mid 30s! A person that in many ways knows who they are! A person that’s already had their Saturn Return! All of it!

“Thinking about it now the whole thing was a pretty damn heartening experience. Having this recording project haphazardly happen out of necessity, constantly doing, not really thinking, spacing out, having friends pop over to sing and play and drink gin and bring their gentle wisdom while I whined about my feelings. I felt very loved and supported during a time where I could not have been harder on myself or felt more grotesque or impossibly unlovable. Making this album in a way was a vessel for everything, it gave shape to a life event that just felt like this big sad unanswerable blob.”


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