Review Of Magic Trick's "River Of Souls". The album comes out 12/3 on Empty Cellar Records. Listen to the the single "Come in" on Northern Transmissions.

Empty Cellar Records


Magic Trick

“River of Souls”

On their forthcoming album, “River of Souls”, San Francisco’s Magic Trick blends modern indie folk with chill wave psychedelia in a way that just feels right. It’s the kind of album that can pass as one of those albums that got lost within your girlfriend’s father’s basement record collection. That’s not to say it’s not noteworthy, rather its aesthetic feels more centered on decades past rather than our modern musical state.

From the inoffensive drum rhythms, the twang and soul of the guitars and the emotions in every lyric throughout the entire album, Magic Trick captures the attention of any one looking for a relaxed listening experience. It’s the perfect album to carry you through a day filled with gray skies, it makes you think about summer and sunshine, even if that won’t truly be realized for another 8 months.

The album starts off with lighthearted tracks like “The Store” then descends into more immersive tracks like “Blinding Light” or “Salvation.” It’s the versatility throughout the album that makes “River of Souls” such a great listen. Whether it’s lead singer Tim Cohen’s vocals and lyricism or any of the other elements that makes up Magic Trick, “River of Souls” commands attention without really trying too hard.

And while the middle of “River Souls” trudges through melancholy — for too long one would argue — Magic Trick brings the energy back with the whimsical “My Wold” that careens into a more celestial and exploratory jam at the tail end of the track. Finally, “River of Souls” ends with “I’m a Joke,” a clever bit of self-deprecation that really captures the strange feeling the album conveys. But strange can be good, and in most instances throughout “River of Souls” it works in the band’s favor.

“River of Souls” is sure to capture the attention of the hipsters endlessly seeking authenticity but it doesn’t just speak to that scene, it’s a very approachable album that doesn’t ask listener’s for too much. It’s simple but meaningful and worthy of a good listen.

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