Glasser "Interiors' reviewed by Northern Transmissions. "Interiors" comes out October 8th on True Panther Sounds.

True Panther Sounds




Experimental singer songwriter Glasser aka Cameron Mesirow is to release her second album entitled Interiors which follows a little break since the release of her first LP and EP in 2009 and 2010 respectively. All of the track names on the recording seem to be linked by the title – tracks like “Shape”, “Design: and “Window I” relate to an inside space. But more than likely, Interiors indicates inner thoughts too and Mesirow has got the reflection part spot on.

“Shape” opens with a haunting sound loop that sits beneath Mesirow’s crystal vocals and a steady, infectious rhythm. A master of the soundscape “Design” shines with dazzling synth and vocals circling punctuated by a heavy breath out. In “Landscape” the melody rises and falls like a depiction of actual terrain – Mesirow sings metaphors and describes settings; “the edge of your skin is a cliff over my heart, where do they come apart?”

The short “Window I” sets Mesirow’s voice in with minimal electronic flusterings, and it shines out brightly. “Keam Theme” follows on and picks up the pace with percussion sounds too, lyrics come before a burst of sound; “That dream was an open mouth, with the references to pull out… I won’t let it mean too much, we all have our own ways to love”.

“Dissect” is a worldly track with sweeping sounds and oriental strings. Part three of the Window series comes before part two – “Window iii” sees an interesting mix of sax and 8-bit sounds with choral vocals before “Window ii” ups the anti with experimental sound clicks and pops. To close is another tactful, textured piece full of reflective sounds and lyrics. “Divide” brings a close to the introspective recording that is Interiors with heart wrenching strings, you’ll certainly be left wanting to hit play again.

Reviewed by Heather Welsh



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