“Reboot” by Evan Only

"Reboot" by Evan Only, is Norhern Transmissions 'Song off the Day,'

Evan Ønly (Underwater Peoples, Family Portrait) has just released a new track called “Reboot” and announced the upcoming release of /\/\ARBLE, a new EP that will be out next Friday, June 24 on his own Underwater Peoples record label. The EP will be available through all the typical streaming and digital services, however, there will be no physical CD’s or Vinyl for this release. Instead, Evan offers the /\/\ARBLE SS16 Design Collection, a Ruby Python designed line of white marble all-over-printed clothing, iPhone cases, furniture, and other accessories. Each item comes with a digital download of the album and is meant to reflect the constantly evolving nature of music and the format it takes as commodity.

In Evan’s words, “/\/\ARBLE, the concept, is intended to be a holistic experience, an opportunity to expand my means of communication and creativity. I create worlds in an attempt to reach beyond sound and lyrics, and with /\/\ARBLE I feel closer than ever before at achieving this. Sonically inspired by free thinkers like Jacque Fresco, free spirits like the New Beat era of the Belgian dance scene, the /\/\ARBLE musical experience is powered by visuals inspired by the mutation of elemental forces. This era’s aesthetic has been manipulated then reanimated, and then molded to be worn, used, and enmeshed into the daily lives of those who choose to engage in the /\/\ARBLE adventure.”


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