“The Quip Class” by Half Loon

UK band, Half Loon have released a new video for their single “The Quip Class”. “A layered pop track exuding a flamboyant melody underpinned by rich lyrics”. Accompanied by a video, that ponders nostalgia, directed by Katia Ganfield, “The Quip Class”, is due for a March 20th release.

Half Loon is the musical musings of Daniel Alexander Pickard, an artist who ventured to London on a student loan to “indulge in all who surprise.” Following a tough few years in a “tediously rigid” education system, which he eventually fled and the tragic death of his best friend, Daniel found comfort and liberty in the restless capital fulfilling artistic pursuits.

Without the confines of a structured education, Pickard was free to exist in an autodidactic lifestyle entrenching himself in 19th century Bohemia. The waves of moledro with each album heard and each text read lead to a deeper creative compulsion the works of Baudelaire and Nietzsche unlocked his lyricism whilst his continued adoration of Bowie, Suicide and The Smiths intensified his artistic urges.

After playing solo for many years Pickard found creative countenance and personal connivance in ex Klaxon’s drummer George Latham and Aidan Clough, the intense friendship shared between these gentlemen led to the birth of one of the band.



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