“Quarry” By Barrie

Singer/songwriter and producer Barrie Lindsay will release her new album Barbara, on March 25, 2022 via Winspear. The album is described as a highly personal tale of love and loss, a deeply personal record written in the wake of her father’s passing and the midst of falling in love with her now wife, Gabby, Barbara brings to life Barrie’s inner world with newfound boldness.

Says Barrie about the album: “The album is diaristic, but not in obvious or intimate ways. Music is my job, and it’s also intensely personal. I want the music to connect with people, but have reservations about the toll it takes on the artist to have to live up to whatever the music ends up representing for the listener. To connect with people about grief is beautiful, but I don’t want to relive the trauma of it at every show and interview. I also don’t want to become desensitized to my sadness. There’s both rawness and a measure of control in the album; I want to make sure the project and the person are tied, but only by certain limbs.

Since I wrote, played, and produced the album by myself in isolation, with the help of my wife, it felt like it should be self-titled, but maintain that same sense of separation I achieved with the music. Barbara is my legal name, my formal name. No one calls me Barbara except the bank and the government, and odd occasions when my dad inexplicably introduced me that way to friends. Since my name and moniker are Barrie, calling the album Barbara felt like the fitting way to keep that balance between intimate and public.”

Barrie says of the song: “Quarry” is about falling in love in an isolated environment. There’s a surreal quality to the experience, but also explosive joy. Disjointed drums, syncopated bass, arpeggiated synth; the ground of the song shifts constantly. It’s uplifting but also a little wary.”

Directed by Emmy-Award Winning Robert Kolodny (Japanese Breakfast, Frankie Cosmos), the video for “Quarry” perfectly captures Barrie’s new willingness to let listeners into her world, celebrating queer love, human connection, and the joy of feeling truly seen by someone outside of yourself. Watch and read a feature on Barrie at PAPER here.

While mixed by Joseph Lorge (Phoebe Bridgers, Perfume Genius) and mastered by Patricia Sullivan (Mac Miller, Blake Mills), Barbara is entirely written, engineered, and produced by Barrie herself. During the making of the record, Barrie collected nearly a dozen instruments, including dulcimer, mandolin, clarinet, flute, cello, trumpet and her late grandmother’s harp to create Barbara.

Pre-order Barbara by Barrie HERE


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