“Problematic” by Mocky

"Problematic" by Mocky is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

After sharing a visual for “Problematic” earlier this week multi-instrumentalist producer Mocky releases the fourth installation of his own Moxtape series How To Hit What And How Hard via Heavy Sheet Productions, with the same single available to stream.

The project was recorded in his own studio in Los Angeles and is an unfiltered peek into his unreleased studio experiments. It features him playing a wide variety of instruments including the drums, bass, piano, flute, and nylon string guitar. Speaking about how the title of the project was derived Mocky shares, “Nothing began with the computer or a click track. Everything began with me hitting something, and during the process, I realized that in the modern musical environment, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘how hard’ you hit something make all the difference.”

How To Hit What And How Hard – The Moxtape Vol. IV
Heavy Sheet Productions

1. Put it in a Song
2. Problematic
3. How it Goes
4. Desiree
5. You Can’t Rush the Funk
6. Stop Time (feat. Nia Andrews)


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