Policy Premieres New Track & Video

Policy Premieres New Track & Video, 'Postscript' EP. 'Postscript' EP is out October 1st, on 100% Silk

On October 1st, NYC-based producer Francis Hsueh aka Policy will release his new EP Postscript on 100% Silk. The four track album is elegant yet danceable and incorporates elements jazz, electronic, latin groove, Afro-beat.

Policy was first fueled by a late night beat obsession that quickly spawned into something much more. After debuting in the summer of 2010 and appearing on labels such as Argot and Rush Hour, Policy has signed with esteemed  100% Silk.

Policy, aka Francis Hsueh has been a musician his entire life and plays the piano, flute, and guitar. While pursuing a predictable career path in New York City, Hsueh decided to quit the daily grind to focus on filmmaking, going on to co-write and co-direct two feature-length films. He also jumps between being a family man with two kids and working in the legal profession.

Hsueh’s music is undoubtedly inseparable from his love of film. His unyielding passion for beats was first ignited after an unsuccessful attempt to obtain rights to an Aphex Twin track. This inspired the artist to begin creating his own electronic beats. Bottling up restless disco, steppy house and everything from Italo to techno, his sounds are lush, yet punchy, and quirky while retaining emotion.

Coming from a traditional instrumental background, Hsueh turns to his vinyl DJ set and analog/outboard elements to foster a textured and visceral sound that envelops the listener in a warm disco-daze. Although he admits he does not “completely ditch the laptop,” his music escapes an overly produced sound and instead, plays effortlessly, unfolding in ambient waves.

Citing influences like Radiohead, Bjork, Miles Davis and the Dances With Wolves soundtrack, Hsueh’s sounds blend elements of various genres to create a fusion of sound and energy. The influence of jazz and rock present themselves as structured and accessible. The music unfolds in an unpredictable yet relaxed manner while Hsueh guides his listeners through his ever-evolving sounds and pulses.

Postscript Tracklisting /

01. Postscript 187
02. Grove Street Freeze
03. Remembrance
04. Ghost In The Groove
05. Wiseblood
06. Big Beast Anthem


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