Pillar Point Premieres “Dreamin'” Video

Pillar Point Premieres video for the single "Dreamin". Pillar Point will play March 21st in Seattle, WA. Their self- titled LP is now available on Polyvinyl


Pillar Point has premiered the new video for “Dreamin,” Directed by Jacob Krupnick of Wild Combination and shot in New York, the video features dancer Daisuke from the film Girl Walk // All Day. “I first heard an early cut of Dreamin’ about a year ago, and I was instantly taken with it. Haunting and beautiful; it was clear it was a personal song recorded to sound distant. It was already cinematic; it clearly wanted a video to accompany” explains Krupnick.

“For the film, I enlisted my friend Daisuke, one of the lead dancers from Girl Walk // All Day. The words I gave him were: yearning, urgency, stealthiness, joy. We filmed in New York (and in a forest upstate, with an absurd amount of snow) over three sub-zero days, my crew and Dai all frozen but excited.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if something about Pillar Point’s nine-song self-titled album sounds familiar. Despite being the band’s debut, the moody, melancholy electronica is the work of Scott Reitherman, who until now has been primarily known for his involvement with indie-pop outfit Throw Me the Statue. The album, produced by Reitherman’s longtime collaborator Charlie Smith, is a musical departure for the Bay Area native. As Reitherman explains, “Part of what steered me toward the textures and beats of dance music was the feeling of catharsis you can experience through dance.” It’s a noble idea, considering the themes Reitherman’s songs are dealing with: heartbreak, loneliness, aging and isolation in an increasingly connected world.

Tracks like “Eyeballs,” a haunting, powerful ode to the solitude brought about by social networks, offer a sleek take on anguish that wouldn’t be out of place alongside early Depeche Mode; “Echoes” and “Cherry” are ethereal, evocative explorations of what Reitherman calls “that apathetic, shell-shocked feeling young people have when they’re trying to figure out what to do with their lives.” Considering the beats Reitherman has created, those young people might plan to spend the rest of their lives furiously dancing.

“Writing darker songs with dance elements helped me to process the confusion and change I was experiencing in my own life because within the confines of a pop song I could control little moments of clarity and redemption,” he says. “And for the listener it adds depth to what might otherwise be just dance music.”

Born out of a two year recording process between Reitherman and Smith that stretched from Los Angeles to the Bay Area and ultimately Seattle, where Reitherman has once again settled, Pillar Point marks not only a fresh musical approach, but also a new mindset for writing songs. “One of the things I wanted to do differently,” he says, “is to lay it all out on table this time, to make my songs more bare and personal.”

‘Pillar Point’ LP Tracklisting

01. Diamond Mine
02. Eyeballs
03. Cherry
04. Black Hole
05. Strangers In Paradise
06. Dreamin’
07. Touch
08. Curious Of You
09. Echoes


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