“philadelphia” By cehryl

“philadelphia”” looks back on relationships cehryl considered herself lucky to “keep in my pocket.” She relives this connection among others by looking back to her time in the city. It serves as a metaphor for all her experiences at the time, a time she immortalizes in song. Though such memories only exist in her mind, she’s found a quiet acceptance that comes with knowing they are hers to cherish. The music video, too, finds itself in the overlap between memory and the present. DIY, iPhone-style footage is spliced against smooth, hi-res camerawork, capturing the inexplicable ways in which our past nestles itself within our daily lives. “philadelphia” is off cehryl’s forthcoming time machine, out April 9th via Nettwerk Records. The singer/songwriter spent 2020 working on the EP, which follows her debut album, Slow Motion. In August, she shared the first taste of new music with the track and video for “moon eyes.”

Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter-producer cehryl, came to the United States to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and, post-college, found herself in Los Angeles forming a tight-knit scene with friends Zack Villere, Mulherin, Dijon, Alex Szotak, and Soft Glas. After touring with Still Woozy and Ravyn Lenae she was slated to be on the road this summer opening for Jeremy Zucker in the U.S. and for Cavetown this fall. Both tours are on hold due to Covid-19 precautions for now, but cehryl still has plans in store for the start of 2021.

time machine EP
Track list
Nettwerk Records

1. philadelphia
2. angels (emily)
3. laundry
4. paprika
5. callus
6. outside the party, inside the dream

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