Peter Bauer (The Walkmen) Announces Shows

Peter Bauer (The Walkmen) Announces Two Shows, Rough Trade NYC 03/06 and Philadelphia 03.08 at Milkboy. His upcoming "Liberation comes out this summer.

In the summer of 2014, Peter Matthew Bauer is releasing his first album Liberation! The record is a collection of mostly autobiographical songs on the topic of belief and its various incarnations and phenomena. It touches on such subjects as growing up in a Hindu Yoga cult, Scientology, the city of Philadelphia, the God Shiva, the city of Varanasi, Richard Dawkins and Jorge Luis Borges, and was heavily influenced by the work of Roberto Bolano & Elvis Presley. While a solo artist, the album makes the noise of a full on rock & roll band and his traveling act is a 7 piece barn burner often made up of dirtbag greasers from Fishtown Philadelphia and a group of singing hillbillies from Texas. He will play a 1956 Ivory Gretsch Corvette and the band will sound like a million dollars but don’t worry, they’re still getting paid in circus peanuts.

Peter Bauer is a writer and musician, having been a founding member of seminal New York city art-rock bands The Walkmen and The Recoys at the turn of the century. He now writes and records under his own name and lives in the Mt Airy section of Philadelphia where he consults with clients on Indian astrology and other mystic ephemera. As a child, Peter was raised in Swami Baba Muktananda’s Ashrams in Ganeshpuri, India and upstate New York, interacting with many other Gurus, teachers and healers through the meditation center in his boyhood home and while traveling. Peter studied comparative religion and writing at Boston University and at The New School for Social Research, Vedic astrology with Chakrapani Ullal in Los Angeles, and Gestalt psychotherapy and meditation with his own father Dr. Rudolph Bauer PhD at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies. He has spent the last 13 years on the road and can’t seem to shake it from his blood.


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