“Periwinkle Pantone” By Double Wish

Double Wish, return with their new single and accompanying video, “Periwinkle Pantone” which arrives with news of their new album, Universe Sometimes – out via Hit the North Records on June 28. Released on the day of their largest headline show to-date – a homecoming performance at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, California. The EP, follows their debut EP, Light Split Sparkle.

“Periwinkle Pantone” comes part-written with long time friend, Casey Lagos who featured in an improvised session with Sabolick and Andre. Musically, the track erupts amongst a flurry of percussion and gelatinous guitars before spiraling into ping-ponging electronic notes. “This is a song about friendship, and our innate need for one another,” explains Sabolick. “I wanted to capture the sensation of being stuck inside alone for days because of the rain, and when the weather breaks, getting high and going for a hike with a friend. All the colors of nature become so vivid, the smell of the wet dirt is unforgettable, and the magic of a rainbow curving through the sky. In a lot of ways, lyrically and conceptually, “Periwinkle Pantone” was inspired by those sensations — being alone and then not alone, and partaking in sublime nature together. If the song were a painting, it would be a blissful landscape.”

The music video comes directed by ronny k and Sabolick. When discussing the visual, he explains: “I am alone searching and longing for something. When the band appears things lighten up and become playful. As with all of our music, there is the constant push and pull between light and dark, happy and sad. I don’t think it’s something we consciously set out to do, I think it’s just the reality of existing.”

Double Wish searches for a middle point within a vast array of influences taken from everything between The Roches, Underworld, Smashing Pumpkins, Laraaji, Third Eye Blind, Röyksopp, Cocteau Twins, and more. This new four-track collection expands upon the band’s guitar driven alt-dream-pop vernacular by infusing their sound with hypnotic trances, deep melodic bass synth, sparkly guitar tones, groovy beats, and their signature airtight production. This collection of songs confronts lyrical themes of time, friendship, mortality, and desire.

Universe Sometimes finds Double Wish pushing themselves musically, lyrically and also in terms of how they approach songwriting. Casey Lagos (Cold War Kids) stepped in to help on “Periwinkle Pantone” allowing the band with a different perspective in the studio. Tracks like “Floating”, which have featured in live sets for a while now, tap into a thicker, darker synth-pop textures while the EP-titled 9-minute closer finds the duo edging into some of their most experimental writing to-date, unafraid of time constraints or having to stick to a traditional song format.

EP opener, “Floating” balances themes of desire and belonging against a heady backdrop. “It’s about pushing to get your way, and getting everything you could possibly ask for, but it still not being enough,” says Adam. “It’s about chasing things you may not ever obtain, but continuing the pursuit regardless of failures or successes.”

A deep thinker and never afraid of tapping into complex thoughts and ideas in his lyrics, Sabolick demonstrates a similar perspective with “Papers”, the psych-pop jam at the heart of the EP which arguably presents the collection’s most striking moment. “This song is about intoxicating crutches and how hard it could be to take care of yourself, but finding the strength to do so. It’s about self-control slipping away, but snatching it full handed at the last second. It’s about overcoming failure with courage and humility — hitting rock bottom but bouncing back.” This sense of optimism shrouded in darkness is the most iron-clad way of describing Double Wish; moments of serendipity and beauty that help balance out the cruelness we all have to face.

Universe Sometimes presents a more assured, refined version of Double Wish. It’s a leveling, up of sorts, on the groove indebted psych-rock presented with their 2023 effort, Light Split Sparkle; taking the muscular sounds of “Sugary Plum” and “Fever Dream”, rewiring them and digging further into the essence of those songs, honing the focus to present something more astute and confident with an emphasis on the songwriting. The new EP also marks the first of two EPs set for release this year with another collection slated for fall.

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