Peel Dream Magazine Debut “Geodesic Dome”

Peel Dream Magazine Debut "Geodesic Dome"
Peel Dream Magazine "Geodesic Dome"

Peel Dream Magazine is the musical vehicle for NYC’s Joe Stevens. Today, his project his back with the new release Agitprop Alterna. The full-length takes cues from Ride, My Bloody Valentine, with a dash of American indie early 200s power pop.

Stevens worked with Kelly Winrich on producing new sounds for the LP, writing tracks that Winrich would eventually mix into complete songs. The band now includes Isabella Mingione and drummer Brian Alvarez, who also contributed on on the recordings.

The lead-track “Pill,” Stevens describes as “inundation of performances of normalcy and fulfillment that fuel our desire to consume – self-medication for the pain of doubt, want and need.” “Emotional Devotion Creator” frames advertising (and the cynical, manufactured emotional response it elicits) with a critical eye, while “It’s My Body” is an “anthem against people who want to exert power over you and make you feel small… a reminder that you don’t owe anyone anything.”

Peel Dream Magazine
Agitprop Alterna (Deluxe Edition)
Track Listing:

1. Pill
2. Emotional Devotion Creator
3. It’s My Body
4. Escalator Ism
5. Brief Inner Mission
6. NYC Illuminati
7. Wood Paneling Pt 2
8. Too Dumb
9. The Bertolt Brecht Society
10. Permanent Moral Crisis
11. Do It
12. Eyeballs
13. Up and Up
14. New Culture
15. Verfremdungseffekt
16. Dialectrics
17. Through You
18. Life At The Movies
19. Geodesic Dome
20. The Furthest Nearby Place
21. Clean Water (Demo)


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