PC Music Release ‘PC Music Volume 1’

PC Music Release 'PC Music Volume 1,' Out Now, New York City Performance This Weekend

PC Music, the London-based record label that has dominated the past 12 months, presents PC Music Volume 1, a collection of singles that captures the labels unique sound.

Founded by A. G. Cook, the label is home to a close-knit collective of performers and electronic musicians including Hannah Diamond, GFOTY and Danny L Harle, as well as associate projects such as XL Recordings’ artist QT. All these artists share a fascination with the immediately gratifying aspects of commercial chart music, delivering passionate pop jams which appear on PC Music Volume 1 such as “Every Night” by Hannah Diamond, “Beautiful” by A. G. Cook and “In My Dreams” by Danny L Harle.

Photographer cum singer Hannah Diamond delivers delicate and bright love songs alongside bold self-portraits, neatly retouched by herself in the pursuit of pop perfection. GFOTY confounds and confuses musical expectations on tracks like “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It” adhering only to the goal of being Girlfriend of the Year. Danny L Harle straddles both the classical and dance worlds with his training in composition and his penchant for straight-talking club bangers, while Cook’s recent work with Charli XCX and Yelle demonstrates that PC Music’s pop ambitions are quickly becoming reality.

This Friday, May 8th, PC Music and SOPHIE will present Pop Cube, an immersive event taking place at BRIC Media House in Brooklyn as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York. The night promises the launch of a brand new mass media network as well as performances from QT, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, SOPHIE, A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle and more.

PC Music Volume 1 Tracklisting
(May 2nd, 2015 | PC Music)

1. Hannah Diamond – Every Night
2. A. G. Cook – Beautiful
4. Danny L Harle – In My Dreams
5. Hannah Diamond – Attachment
6. Lipgloss Twins – Wannabe
7. Thy Slaugher – Bronze
8. A. G. Cook – Keri Baby (feat. Hannah Diamond)
9. GFOTY – Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It
10. easyFun – Laplander

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