“Park (Rye)” By Golden Apples

"Park (Rye)" By Golden Apples is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the band's forthcoming album Bananasugarfire
Golden Apples photo credit: Kit Ramsey

Ahead of the release of their new album new album Bananasugarfire ,Golden Apples, are sharing one more single, “Park (Rye).” Bananasugarfire arrives on October 27th via Lame-O Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Russell Edling discussed the new song, saying:

“This song creates a world where memories and impressions of both positivity and negativity blend in a swirl of melody and image. Everyday there is more than enough reason to drown in your own gloom, but there is also immense strength and resilience to be found. Friendship and love appear as beacons to draw us out of our struggles, even if only for a moment.”

On Bananasugarfire, Edling is joined by drummer Melissa Brain (Marge, Goshupon, Amanda X, Cave People, Yankee Bluff), bassist Matthew Scheuermann (Lowercase Roses, Petal), and Mimi Gallagher (Eight, Nona, Year of Glad, Cave People), resulting in a tangible camaraderie that elevates the sum of its talented parts. Lyrically, the album is imbued with a sense of positivity that feels as unabashed as it is uncynical. While previous releases found Edling swallowed up in existential doubt and bewilderment, there’s now an active push towards the light that counters so much of life’s darkness–even if accessing it often takes hard earned perspective and persistence.

Golden Apples
track list
Lame-O Records

1. Anti Anti Car
2. Guard Stick
3. Little Bronco
4. Waiting For A Cloud
5. Kill
6. Sugarfire
7. Materia
8. Park (Rye)
9. Stuck
10. Green

Golden Apples 2023 Tour Dates

0.12 New York, NY at The Knitting Factory ^
10.14 Lancaster, PA at Tellus360
11.17 Philadelphia, PA at Khyber Pass Pub +
11.18 Washington, DC at Quarry House Tavern
11.19 Richmond, VA at Fuzzy Cactus *
11.20 Carrboro, NC at Cat’s Cradle Back Room
11.21 Atlanta, GA at 539 %
11.22 Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor #

^ w/ Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse
+ w/ Amanda X, Snowhore, Goshupon
* w/ Young Scum, Gnawing
% w/ Thousandaire, Ultra Lights
# w/ Monsoon

Pre-order Bananasugarfire by Golden Apples HERE


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