Packs Debuts New Single “Missy”

Packs Debuts New Single "Missy." The track is off the singer/songwriter's forthcoming album Melt The Honey, out January 19th via Fire Talk
Packs Photo Credit: Eva Link

PACKS releases her new album, Melt The Honey on January 19th via Fire Talk. The full-length is the group’s second album in 12 months, the record arrives following a busy fall during which PACKS toured with Geese and Slow Pulp in the US, UK and EU. Today PACKS are sharing a final single from the LP, a track called “Missy.” The track follows The record’s early singles “Honey,” “HFCS”.

Much of PACKS new LP was recorded between Mexico City and Xalapa, where the band spent time last March working at a house known as Casa pulpo, an architectural feat removed from the bustle of city life, owned and operated by Wendy Moira, the visionary behind Teatro Lucido, a prominent theater and music venue in Mexico City. “Missy” is told from the point-of-view of a cat who hung around the practice space in Xalapa, meowling at the neighborhood tomcat in desperation.

“She was trying not to look at us, but we could see right through her,” Link says.

The yearning in Link’s voice (“Did I get those fleas to bite you?”) is later accompanied by Lupita Rico, who contributes a spoken word verse in Spanish.

Melt The Honey
Fire Talkk Records

01. 89 Days
02. Honey
03. Pearly Whites
04. HFCS
05. AmyW
06. Take Care
07. Her Garden
08. Paige Machine
09. Missy
10. Trippin
11. Time Loop

Packs 2024 Tour Dates

Brooklyn, NY, US – Baby’s All Right

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