pacificUV debuts new track “I Wanna Be You”

PacificUV share their single "I Wanna Be You" I

Athens, GA-based indie-rock outfit pacificUV share the latest single from their upcoming album After The Dream You Are Awake. Listen to “I Wanna Be You” above. After The Dream You Are Awake is slated for release on May 14 via Mazarine Records. pacificUV will embark on an East Coast tour next week, which includes two shows in New York.

pacificUV is an indie-rock band from Athens, Georgia. Across the course of their four acclaimed albums, they’ve mapped out an expansive sonic terrain that includes dream-pop, space-rock, shoegaze and post-rock elements, working with a rotating cast of all-star musicians that has included members of Phosphorescent, of Montreal and Olivia Tremor Control.

The band was originally formed in 1998 in Athens, Georgia by Clay Jordan. After four years of collaborative experiment (one of the band’s initial aspirations was to play a single chord for 45 minutes to determine its color) what emerged was a critically acclaimed, eponymous debut album, which Rolling Stone declared “a masterpiece”. A hypnotic brew of melody and noise, the first record laid out a bold and sprawling ambient landscape.

After The Dream You Are Awake
(Mazarine Records)

1. 24 Frames

2. Christine

3. Russians

4. Eyes Without A Face

5. Wolves Again

6. I Think It’s Coming

7. Run

8. American Lovers

9. I Wanna Be You


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