Overmono Drop New Single “Calling Out”

Overmono debuts new single "Calling Out"
Overmono photo by Elliot Morgan

UK duo Overmono have returned with “Calling Out”, the single is off their forthcoming album, Good Lies, available May 12th, 2023 via XL Recordings.

On the track, Overmono say “We’ve had these chords written for quite a while now and could never find quite the right context for them. One night we were procrastinating in the studio, mostly just drinking and slamming some CASISDEAD and slowthai tracks. We’d been listening to them a lot as they have an incredible way of consistently delivering unexpected music and we find that approach really inspiring. Then we had a bit of a eureka moment and realised it might have been the type of sound we were looking to go with alongside that chord progression, so we stayed up all night and finally got it done.”

“Calling Out” follows “Walk Thru Water” and “Is U.” The new single comes alongside a new cinematic piece, directed by long-time collaborator, photographer and film-maker Rollo Jackson. It’s the next instalment in the album series, which together with the visual teasers “Is U” and “Walk Thru Water” allows fans to journey through the creative world of Overmono; alongside the duo’s signature Dobermann. Watch it here.

Next month, Overmono will embark on an extensive headline tour which will take them to Australasia for the first time, back to North America for more dates including a debut performance at Coachella, before returning to Europe for a summer of festival shows GALA, AVA Festival, Primavera Sound and Otherlands. All tickets for their headline shows are now on sale; for more information or to buy tickets, head to overmono.com.

Growing up in rural South Wales, a place where nothing was really going on, where you had to make your own fun, Tom and Ed Russell were driven towards music. The brothers are from a musical family and Tom played a variety of instruments as a teenager until he discovered electronic music, turntables and sampling. He fell in love with machines.

Tom bought a soundsystem and started putting on parties in the back room of a local pub called The Queen’s Head where they’d let him bring in smoke machines and UV. Not long afterwards, he started taking generators to forests and disused quarries, hosting small free parties in the Welsh wilderness. It was a liberating time, insular in a way that would prove influential, a crew of people cut off from major cities that were into trance, hard house and techno, uninhibited by any preconceptions of what’s “cool”.

His younger brother Ed was watching with keen interest and with Tom’s help he bought his own set of turntables aged 10, inspired by the sounds that he could hear coming out of his older brother’s bedroom. Soon, he was stealing records from Tom’s room when he was out, recording his own mixtapes onto cassette, making the artwork on MS Paint and selling them at school.

During a trip to the pub, a 14-year-old Ed sat Tom down for hours and grilled him on everything about music production – from the principles of MIDI to after effects. Tom bought him a copy of the production software Reason for his next birthday, understanding the talent and appetite for learning that his younger brother clearly had. Emboldened by the ability to work alone and without the hassle of listening to drummers banging kits while guitarists tuned up, Ed left the band he was in. By the time he was 16 the brothers were best friends, constantly sharing new music, comparing pieces of kit and discussing different production techniques. Although they didn’t know it at the time, Overmono was born.

They initially forged separate paths in music – Tom making techno and Ed making dubstep tracks. Both had gradually become frustrated with the limitations of their solo careers, so decided to pack up some gear, hire a cottage in Wales and make tunes together, with no concerns about what the end result might be. The music poured out of them and the experience was so freeing that they knew they had to pursue the partnership, naming themselves after Overmonnow, a suburb of Monmouth. The brothers and best friends had found each other again, years later.

Overmono have had support from brands such as Burberry, Prada and Stone Island and have received enthusiastic acclaim from Thom Yorke, whose band Radiohead are also a major influence on the brothers.

The duo don’t have defined creative roles, although Tom gravitates more towards melody and chord progressions, while Ed leans more into drums and rhythm. It’s in their stunning live show, built with longtime collaborator Rollo Jackson, that they separate their responsibilities more rigidly. Overmono have toured extensively over the past two years and Good Lies was mostly made on the road, in hotel rooms after shows or on flights. The demos were brought back to their respective home studios and it was across these locations that they shut themselves off from the outside world, only sharing their music with each other.

Pre-order Good Lies by Overmono HERE


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