“Off Goes The Light” by Bibio

Bibio releases his new album BIB10 on October 21 via Warp Records. His tenth album for the label. Ahead of the release the artist AKA: Stephen Wilkinson, has shared a visualizer for album track ‘Off Goes The Light”.

On BIB10, Wilkinson utilizes more synths, drum machines, and electric guitars than his 2019 album Ribbons, which he described as “organic and woody sounding.” The latest iteration of Bibio is polished and slick, but not software perfect. “My influences for studio production mostly come from the 60s, 70s, and 80s where the craft was very different – getting a more polished sound, without ironing the humanity out of it, was part of the ethos,” says Bibio.

“I became more obsessed than ever with guitars in the last few years, particularly vintage guitars,” Bibio explains. “This album is an ode to guitar in a very different way, with the guitars more like building blocks of a larger structure, and the subtle variations and differences with each guitar’s tone and color make the album more nuanced. I don’t think of it as a guitar album per se, but I feel the foundation to all of the tracks is guitar.”

The album’s first single “Off Goes the Light” is a prime example of this newfound sound. Wilkinson’s vocals merge with the interlocking guitar melodies and immersive synth soundscapes. The accompanying visual, shot and edited by Bibio, delves deeper into his dazzling obsession with the guitar—watch.

“I think as ten is such a milestone album, I wanted it to be more of a party album,” Wilkinson says. “It also has its dreamy and melancholy moments, but there’s a lot of fun and playfulness in this album. I hope people get up and dance to some of these songs.”

Warp Records
Track list

1. Off Goes The Light
2. Potion
3. Sharratt
4. Rain and Shine
5. S.O.L. feat. Olivier St Louis
6. Cinnamon Cinematic
7. Even More Excuses
8. A Sanctimonious Song
9. Lost Somewhere
10. Phonograph
11.Fools feat. Olivier St Louis

Ore-order BIB10 by Bibio HERE


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