Numero Group reissuing 1979 soul album

Numero Group is reissuing the 1979 soul album 'Eyes Of Love'' by The Edge Of Darkness'

The Edge Of Daybreak wrote “Eyes Of Love” while serving sentences of six to sixty years inside a rural Virginia penitentiary. Recorded in 1979, these intimate sessions scale the prison walls to delve into the collective consciousness of several incarcerated artists from across the Commonwealth. Comprised of distant love ballads and fanciful odes to freedom, “Eyes Of Love” is an optimistic prison letter, composed by committee, recorded hastily, and circulated regionally by sympathetic listeners willing to take a chance on these felonious talents.

Though it experienced a brief period of local notoriety upon release, most copies of the album’s sole pressing of 1000 copies were destroyed by a flood in the record shop where they were stored. Set for release October 16 on archival label Numero Group, Eyes of Love is rescued from three decades of obscurity. The album’s detailed liner notes tell the compelling story of each individual member, how they got into music, how they got into trouble, how they got into the Edge Of Daybreak, and how they eventually made their way back to the civilian world.


1. Your Destiny
2. I Wanna Dance With You
3. E.O.D. (Edge of Daybreak)
4. Let Us
5. Eyes of Love
6. Bring Me You
7. Our Love
8. Let’s Be Friends


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