novellus Drops Tracks “Tough” and “Felt”

novellus Drops 'Weirdo R&B" Tracks "Felt" and "Tough" EP out 1/26

Deep in the outer swampland of the electronic music scene dwells novellus who will release his debut EP Untitled on January 26 via New Ancestors, the new label created by Jason Friedman (The Hundred In The Hands; Warp Records). From smoke filled gambling dens and an itchy trigger finger pressed to a gun, to the claustrophobia of miscommunication and a room faraway from home, this is mutant-pop futurism, room shuddering beats and snap back melodies.

A modern day hermit, surfacing sporadically when he feels inspired to do so, the mysterious producer revealed two new EP tracks this week: “Tough” and “Felt” both are available for streaming below.

novellus writes his story in music, skewing and sampling his own sounds until it cuts sharp as a razor producing six fractured and slanted tracks about love, power and paranoia. Skipping the perfect polish, HDR photos and marketing gimmicks; novellus delivers his unique brand of alternative pop without any care for a pristine aesthetic. What you need to know is in the grooves. The rest is distraction.

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