Northern Transmissions Weekly Roundup: April 15-19

Northern Transmissions Weekly Roundup: April 15-19 by Conor Rooney include songs by Fontaines D.C., Rinse, Cassandra Jenkins and more
Fontaines D.C. Photo credit: Theo Cottle

As winter’s grip loosens and spring tiptoes in, the landscape awakens with the melting snow and rejuvenated streams. Like creatures stirring from hibernation, a deluge of new music floods the scene every week, eager to find its place in the world (and your ears). Here’s a glimpse of the latest tracks venturing out into the wild:

Shaboozey – “Tipsy”

Did I just write the song of the summer? No – but Virginia-born alt-country / hip hop artist Shaboozey might have just gotten close. As the only artist to have two (2) features on Beyonce’s new album Cowboy Carter (“SPAGHETTII” + “SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN”), Shaboozey’s alt-country “Tipsy” is rootin and most definitely tootin. Shaboozey’s track interpolates J-Kwon’s 2004 hit “Tipsy,” but features softly stummed guitars, snappy country claps and a hook so infectious that I need antibiotics. Say it with me: yee, and I mean it, haw.

Cassandra Jenkins – “Only One”

2021’s An Overview on Phenomenal Nature stood out to me as a meditative and peaceful 31-minute blend of indie-folk and ambient that felt like the warmth of a fresh spring sunrise. “Hard Drive,” my personal favorite, guides us through a collection of poignant conversations and revelations over the slow shuffle of lightly played drums and brightly plucked melodies that curl gently into your ear. Now, three years since that record’s release, Cassandra Jenkins announces a new album, My Light, My Destroyer, along with a new single: “Only One”. “Only One” is a similarly bright track with a tasteful groove that forms between a warm bass line, the soft patter of the drums and an airy synth that floats over everything with ease. My Light, My Destroyer is out July 12 via Dead Oceans.

Fontaines D.C. – “Starburster”

The boys are back in town. And by “The Boys” I mean Fontaines D.C. and by “Town” I mean back in general. This week, the Irish group announced the follow up to their 2022 record Skinty Fia with Romance and a new track, “Starburster” to boot. “Starburster” is groove heavy droning track that was inspired by a panic attack that singer Grian Chatten experienced in London. The sharp pangs of the guitar leads, dissonant melodies and the relentlessness of the drums illustrate this feeling perfectly. Fun fact that wil be interesting to no one but myself: there are Two (2) “Conor’s” in this band, which is exciting as a fellow Conor. Romance is out 8/23 on XL.

JJUUJJUU – “Up To You”

Monstrous grooves and melodies blistered by the sun, LA-based JJUUJJUU is an experimental / psychedelic group led by Desert Daze cofounder Phil Pirrone and are fresh off of a Coachella performance (last weekend). Their latest track, “Up To You,” is simmers with groove heavy synths and spacey tones that meander and wave themselves around you like a satellite. Check out the visualizer for “Up To You” here.

Rinse – “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” (Feat. Hatchie)

If you know me, you know that I love me some fuzzy, hazy dream pop. Rinse, thankfully, has gifted us with exactly that this week with “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” featuring Hatchie. “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” is a swirling maelstrom of blinding synths and saccharine melodies and driving persuasiveness. “Kiss Me (Kill Me)” is out now on Cohort.

Words by Conor Rooney


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