Nisa Announces Shapeshifting Album

Nisa Announces New album Shapeshifting. The singer/songwriter's forthcoming release drops on April 26th via Tender Loving Empire
Nisa photo Credit: Will Oliver

Nisa has announced her debut album Shapeshifting, will drop on April 26 via Tender Loving Empire Records. Ahead of the LP’s release, the Brooklyn artist has shared “Dreamspeak”, the track follows previous lead singles “Smokescreen” “Vertigo” and Currents.” Frequent collaborator Ronnie DiSimone (aka Torna), produced, mixed and co-engineered.

New single “Dreamspeak” is a statement of taking back one’s power and voice while in a twilight state. The irresistibly catchy piano-lead, synth-soaked indie pop track is released today alongside an official video. Nisa shares, “I once heard from someone that not being able to communicate in your dreams is a reflection of your waking life’s sense of not being heard. I thought about writing “Dreamspeak” as an undoing of this feeling, where my dream-self could confront me and give me my voice back.”

Shapeshifting is a journey towards self-acceptance, self-actualization and a coherent sense of identity. As a daughter of Albanian immigrants, Nisa grew up listening to traditional folk music. As a young person living in New York City and studying in London, she was introduced to the world of English-speaking pop music and enamored by artists like Björk, Peter Gabriel and PJ Harvey and more.

Tender Loving Empire

1. Ready… Set!
2. Pressure Principle
3. Currents
4. Dreamspeak
5. Dance Alone
6. Smokescreen
7. Vertigo
8. Breach
9. Crossing
10. Trance Form
11. Sea Glass

Shapeshifting by Nisa HERE


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