Nils Frahm interacts with Fans on his ‘Screws Reworked’ Project

The new mini album from Nils Frahm, ‘Screws’ was the result of inspiration from his fans and friends while he recovered from an unfortunate accident that saw him break his thumb. These nine intimate recordings were offered to fans to download for free and in return fans thanked Nils by sending him their remixes, reworks, audio and visual reinterpretations.

Fascinated by the results, Nils then publicly asked his fans to submit their reworks or any form of art that was inspired by the release via his Facebook page and all these submissions have been collected since. It’s given birth to the ‘Screws Reworked’ project. Now reveals a first taster with ‘Si (Plasma Rüby – Sï Rework)’ crafted by Carlos del Río aka Papercraft – available for free download here.

The day I got rid of my cast I had recorded 9 little songs. They have helped me feel less annoyed about my accident and reminded me that I can only achieve something good, when I make the most of what I’ve got.

Nils Frahm

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All other reworks will be revealed on Nils’s website on the official release date of ‘Screws’, December 3rd.

Rework of ‘Me’ by Romain Assénat

Screws cover rework by Bertrand Sallé