New Colossus Festival (NYC) Reveals First Wave of 2024 Artists

New Colossus Festival Reveals First Wave of 2024 Artists
New Colossus Festival Reveals First Wave of 2024 Artists

The New Colossus Festival returns to New York City’s Lower East Side March 6-10, 2024, delivering another highly curated lineup of emerging artists from around the world including: CLT DRP (UK), Crows (UK), Cucamaras (UK), Heffner (US), Holiday Ghosts (UK), Housewife (CA), Human Colonies (IT), Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys (DE), Luge (CA), Nobro (CA), Palomino Blond (US), Raue (US), Shelf Lives (UK), Spyres (UK), Subsonic Eye (SG), Sugar For The Pill (GR), The Tazers (ZA), Ugly (UK), Venus Girls (UK), Vox Rea (CA), WAN (PE), and more!

Kicking off on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, and running until Sunday, March 10, the showcase festival and industry conference is an opportunity to discover the next wave of artists across multiple independent NYC venues including Mercury Lounge, Berlin, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Ballroom, Bowery Electric, Heaven Can Wait, Pianos, and more.

Started in 2019, The New Colossus Festival has established itself as the first stop in the US for many emerging international artists. Festival alumni include A Place To Bury Strangers (US), Blushing (US), GIFT (US), Kiwi Jr. (CA), Maria BC (US), Peel Dream Magazine (US), Penelope Isles (UK), Pom Poko (NO), Pom Pom Squad (US), Sid Simons (US), Sobs (SG), THICK (US), The Orielles (UK), Thus Love (US), Water From Your Eyes (US), and over 500 other artists.

Named after Emma Lazurus’s 1883 sonnet featured on The Statue of Liberty, The New Colossus Festival is a multi-day, multi-venue showcase and conference for emerging musical talent from around the world that converges on New York City’s Lower East Side.

The first wave of handpicked artists and bands include:

Bells Larsen (CA)
Bruiser and Bicycle (US)
Canned Pineapple (UK)
Chavez Cartel (AU)
church crush (US)
Coral Moons (US)
Crows (UK)
Crystal Canyon (US)
Cucamaras (UK)
Data Animal (DE)
DD Island (US)
Diary (US)
Dirty Sound Magnet (CH)
Durian Silo (US)
Factual Brains (US)
Family Jools (UK)
flirting. (UK)
Flowers for the Dead (US)
Getdown Services (UK)
Head North (US)
Heffner (US)
Hiding Places (US)
Holiday Ghosts (UK)
Hollows (UK)
Housewife (CA)
Human Colonies (IT)
Iceblynk (US)
Idle Hours (UK)
iskwē (CA)
Jelly Kelly (US)
Keep (US)
King Bug (US)
Kingfisher (SE)
KT Laine (CA)
Langkamer (UK)
Last Waltzon (CA)
Lavender Blush (US)
Los Premios (ES)
Love Language (CA)
Loveseat Pete (US)
Loviet (CA)
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (DE)
Luge (CA)
Moon Walker (US)
Nara’s Room (US)
Niño Disco (US)
Oceans (AU)
Orange Doors (US)
Orchestra Gold (US)
Palomino Blond (US)
Petite League (US)
P.H.0 (US)
Phantom Handshakes (US)
Phantom Signals (US)
Phantom Wave (US)
Prewn (US)
Programmique (US)
Radio Trapani (IT/NL)
Raue (US)
Retrofile (CA)
Rip Pop Mutant (CA)
Roost.World (US)
Rosier (CA)
Ruby Tingle (UK)
Saloon Dion (UK)
Sasha Cay (CA)
Scrounge (UK)
Sham Family (CA)
Shelf Lives (UK)
Shunk (CA)
Silent Mass (US)
Silver Liz (US)
Slash Need (CA)
Spyres (UK)
Starcleaner Reunion (US)
Strawberry Launch (US)
Subsonic Eye (SG)
Sugar For The Pill (GR)
Sun Entire (CA)
sunnsetter (CA)
Swutscher (DE)
Talking to Shadows (US)
Teddy Hunter (UK)
Telula (US)
The Band Cope (US)
The National Honor Society (US)
The Tazers (ZA)
The Wesleys (CA)
Two-Man Giant Squid (US)
Ugly (UK)
Uninvited (UK)
Venus Grrrls (UK)
Vox Rea (CA)
Winona Forever (CA)

Festival badges are on sale HERE.


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