My Cruel Goro premiere video for “Clash”

My Cruel Goro, have premiered their new video for "Clash"

My Cruel Goro are a loud punk-rock driven trio making with an geographic anomaly of living between Italy and Iceland. With the midpoint being somewhere over the British Isles, it’s a fantastic coincidence that their music should sound so distinctly British. Their debut EP is loaded with references to Ash, The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and even Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. It’s no wonder given their modern take on tracks reminiscent of early 70s energetic British rock, but with punk leanings.

Their latest offering “Clash” comes in thrashing and potent, on par with the riff-laden ‘Crapford’ and ‘Glue Buzz’, the two other tracks from their debut EP, which is out now via Rebel Waltz Records.

My Cruel Goro is Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommaso Adanti (drums). The two core band members (Andrea and Andrea) met nine years ago through a different project. These two eventually spun the My Cruel Goro web upon meeting drummer Tommaso in 2014.

“We wanted the EP to sound as powerful and raw as our live concerts. We simply tried to leverage what we did best: energy, distortion, grit and a sprinkling of electronics if necessary,” says Andrea Maraschi. “You may either like or dislike it, but it’s flesh and bones, and that’s what you want to see on the stage, isn’t it? The inner imperfection and veracity of being human.”

The new video for ‘Clash’ was produced by Massimo Scoposki, a renegade lofi video producer who has worked with them on their two other videos as well.

1. Clash
2. Crapford
3. Glue Buzz


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