MUNYA Covers The Smashing Pumpkins

MUNYA, has covered Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight Tonight," off her LP Voyage to Mars, which drops on November 5th via Luminelle Recordings
Munya photo by Josh Alcoa

MUNYA, who recently announced her debut album Voyage to Mars, which will be released on November 5th via Luminelle Recordings. Today, the Montreal multi-artist has shared another track of the album, a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins “Tonight, Tonight.” Of the track, which follows the previously released “Pour Toi” and “Cocoa Beach,” Boivin says, “My sister shared the ‘Tonight, Tonight’ video with me at a very young age, I vividly remember feeling certain emotions for the first time: longing, sadness and a hopeful melancholy. In a weird way it was also my introduction to exploring space and the infinite possibilities that humans can achieve if they embrace the urgency of now. With everything going on, I felt like it was time to share my love for this song and hopefully inspire a new generation to realize life is a galaxy of endless possibilities, as long as we don’t hesitate and act now.” Voyage to Mars by Munya AKA: Josie Boivin, was produced, self-recorded, and written, by Boivin and drops on November 5, 2021.

Voyage to Mars was entirely recorded in Boivin’s apartment during the pandemic. The longing to be elsewhere is palpable throughout the album, each one a shimmering rocket sent skyward. It’s not a heavy or melancholy record, but an expansive one, music that finds the wonder and vastness of outer space in the midst of the struggles of everyday life. “I always have the same process,” says Boivin. “I have my little toys, my keyboard, and my guitar. My songs are always written by myself in my bubble with my little things.” But for the songs to find their truest potential, Boivin reached out to her friends scattered across the continent, sending songs back and forth until they were finished. “I missed being in a room with other people, but it wasn’t an option, so I changed my mindset. There was a pandemic and I wanted to make a record, so that’s what we did.”

Boivin reached out to several friends, including Kainalu, P.O. Rioux, and Gabriel Lambert, for guitar, bass, and synth tracks, as well as Mike Thies for additional drums. The resulting album is very much Boivin’s own. Lush synthesizers lend depth to the minimalist guitar, bass, and drums setup, adding a breezy quality that is both danceable and thoughtful at the same time. The lightness belies a sincerity to the lyrics, Boivin’s vocals heartfelt without ever seeming heavy or weighted down by the world.

“I believe in humanity,” says Boivin. “I have this lightning inside of me when I think of what we can do together. We can do it with going to space, with medicine, with the vaccine, with all the new technologies. We don’t just have to go to space, we can save this planet too. We can accomplish our dreams, if only we try hard enough and never stop.”

Voyage to Mars
Luminelle Recordings

1. Maracuya
2. Boca Chica
3. Tonight Tonight
4. Cocoa Beach
5. Pour Toi
6. Voyage
7. Life Is A Dream
8. America
9. Dove
10. Captain Ron
11. Perfect Day
12. Tresor

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