Munya “If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens)”

"If i'm gone tomorrow its because of aliens" by Munya

Producer/singer/songwriter MUNYA a.k.a Josie Boivin, recently announced her EP Delmano, along with the news, she shared the lead-single “Hotel Delmano”. Last week she shared another single off of the album entitled “If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens).” Boivin typically writes in her native French, and this song is her first release in English ever.

Munya on “If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens).”

“When I was a kid I really loved the movie Independence Day,” she explains of the track. “One night, years later I was home alone and I kept hearing really weird loud noises, not like a truck driving by, but a truck crashing into a building over and over. It freaked me out so bad I called my boyfriend and told him that if I’m gone tomorrow it’s because of aliens…he wouldn’t stop laughing at me. I was so mad he wouldn’t take me seriously I didn’t sleep that night and instead I wrote this breakup song.”

MUNYA had only written one song when she was asked to perform at Pop Montreal in September of 2017. Boivin, a classically trained pianist, opera singer, and jazz student, dreamed of making music full time, and playing at the festival made her realize that this was what she was meant to do. She quit her day job, moved in with her sister and turned their kitchen into a recording studio, where she wrote every day. These recordings would eventually become a part of an EP trilogy – three projects comprised of three songs – each named for a significant place in Boivin’s life. Following the self-released North Hatley, named after Boivin’s favorite village in Quebec, MUNYA will release the second EP in the series entitled Delmano, named for Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg. The EP will be out on Fat Possum’s House Arrest Distribution imprint Luminelle Recordings on October 5th.


If I’m Gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens)
Hotel Delmano
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