Mourn “Gather Really”

“Gather Really” by Mourn is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the Barcelona band's current release Self Worth
“Gather Really” by Mourn

Barcelona band MOURN, recently shared  “Gather, Really.” The track is their current release, Self Worth now available via Captured Tracks. The band further explain, “Gather, Really describes the feeling of being connected with your mates through sharing experiences, discussing the world and having the feeling of community while having some drinks. Letting everything that anguishes you go and enjoying the company of your chosen family. Coming to conclusions all together, dealing with problems and healing while talking.

Adversity does not incite the best feelings: frustration, anger, fear, anxiety – nothing unusual for today’s world. The members of MOURN know quite a bit about these setbacks, but a latent belief persists within: the negative will eventually become positive. It’s the belief of facing and overcoming a problem. To come out reinforced: the wonder of resilience. It’s the belief of what they are worth, whatever people say. It’s the name they chose for their new album: Self Worth. MOURN is an enclave of post-teens dealing with the dilemmas of adult life. “This album gave us what we needed: self-worth, the desire to go forward, to love ourselves, with everything, with the good and bad. This album empowers us.”

Self Worth
Track Listing
Captured Tracks

1.This Feeling Is Disgusting
2.Call You Back
3.I’m In Trouble
5.Gather, Really
6.The Tree
7.Stay There
8.House Hold
9.It’s A Frog’s World
10.Worthy Mushroom
12.The Family’s Broke