Moonface Releasing “Julia with Blue Jeans”

Moonface Releasing "Julia with Blue Jeans On" October 29th - Stream "Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark"

For his latest project as Moonface, Spencer Krug abandons the instruments and effects he used during his years in Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown. There are no programmed beats, buttons to push, distortion, or overdubs. Julia with Blue Jeans On is just a piano and his voice.

It’s less noisy, more straightforward music — a Krug-described love record. Julia with Blue Jeans On‘s no-barriers approach brings a degree of intimacy and self-reflection unlike anything he has produced to date.

Julia with Blue Jeans On will be released in the US on October 29th, and in Europe on October 28th.

1. Barbarian
2. Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark
3. Barbarian II
4. November 2011
5. Dreamy Summer
6. Julia with Blue Jeans On
7. Love the House You’re In
8. First Violin
9. Black is Back in Style
10. Your Chariot Awaits

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