The Moog share “Unbound” single

The Moog share "Unbound" single, produced by Ken Scott (David Bowie and Lou Reed) and recorded at Seattle's legendary studio, London Bridge.


It’s their first release in almost two years and skillfully combines catchy synth pop and current Eurodisco sounds with a touch of vintage wah-wah guitar strumming. The band is currently in LA finishing the EP with producer Mark Needham for a Fall 2014 release; the first since their third album Seasons In The Underground (2012) – produced by Ken Scott (David Bowie and Lou Reed) and recorded at Seattle’s legendary studio, London Bridge

Formed in Budapest, Hungary in 2004 by then-teenagers Tonyo Szabo (vox, keys), Gergo Dorozsmai (drums), and later Csaba Szabo (bass) and Miguel Gyorgy (guitar), The Moog blends synth-pop, punk, and art-rock with pop elements. Led by baritone-voiced singer Tonyo Szabo,The Moog combines these alternative and pop leaning influences with the more unique sounds of their Eastern European origins.
Having initially faced criticism by the establishment of their native country, The Moog are pioneers to their homeland and one of the first popular Hungarian bands to sing in English and to tour Western Europe and America. Soviet rule prevented previous generations from being exposed to many of theartists that influenced The Moog.  Though, once the Hungarian communist rule ended in 1990, Western influences quickly began to be part of the culture – MTV in particular being highly influential to the band members in The Moog.
As result, The Moog have been deeply influenced by such artists as The Beatles, David Bowie, Blondie,The Smiths, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Blur, Giorgio Moroder, Ramones, and Roxy Music. Since 2007, theband has toured Europe and America numerous times, including three appearances at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX. The Moog are currently planning new concerts and tours in the US and Europe as well as Asia, and will soon be releasing more info on their upcoming EP and fourth release, produced by Mark Needham ( The Sounds, Fleetwood Mac).


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