MØ Debuts Video For “Spaceman”

Danish singer/songwriter MØ, has released Motordrome: The Dødsdrom Edition, an expanded edition of her LP, Motordrome
Danish singer/songwriter MØ, has released Motordrome: The Dødsdrom Edition, an expanded edition of her LP, Motordrome

Danish singer/songwriter MØ, has released Motordrome: The Dødsdrom Edition, an expanded version of her recent album, Motordrome, alongside a new single, “Spaceman”, which are both out now via RCA Records. Featuring the 1996 track “Babylon Zoo”, MØ’s new single, “Spaceman”, accompanied by a dramatic video by Fa & Fon, who also directed the New Moon video.

MØ says: “I wrote my version of the song with Noonie Bao, Ilsey Juber, and Oscar Holter, building on the original version written by Jas Mann. It was Oscar Holter who had the brilliant idea to use the hook from Babylon Zoo’s cult classic Spaceman as the chorus, and we all loved that idea! We wrote our demo back in 2017, but the timing just didn’t feel right. Then came 2022, and all of a sudden, I was like ‘it’s now!’ We decided to rework the production a little bit – describing the vibe we were going for as ‘Gotham rave party’ – and that’s how we arrived at the final version.”

Motordrome: The Dødsdrom Edition features new single, Spaceman, and recent release, True Romance, alongside two brand new tracks: Bad Moon and Real Love. The release is separated into two sides, with all four new tracks on Disc 1 and the original Motordrome album on Disc 2, to create one 14-track new release.

MØ enlisted friends and long-time collaborators Caroline Ailin (Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding) and Noonie Bao (Halsey, Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen) to help flesh out her original song workings, with further songwriting and production from a close circle including Ariel Rechtshaid (Haim, Vampire Weekend, Adele), Jam City (Olivia Rodrigo, Troye Sivan), S.G. Lewis (Dua Lipa), Linus Wiklund and Yangze.

Motordrome’s title came from a conversation MØ had with her mother about her battles with anxiety. The panic and intrusive thoughts called to mind the “dødstrome”, which is an old carnival trick in which a stunt person rides a motorcycle around the vertical walls of a motordrome at death-defying speeds. The making of the album proved to be MØ’s escape from this deepening spiral, although the album is very much a document of a person-in-progress. While there is a strong sense of empowerment and of brighter days ahead, it also serves as a reminder that everyone has to deal with their own dødstrome and that there is no perfect remedy for life’s struggles, and that’s OK.

MØ also recently launched her new website, Karen’s Desktop, which gives a unique insight into her creative process and artistic mind and allows fans to access content such as old demos, touring imagery and lyrics, alongside access to new music and creativity.

MØ returned to the road in February for U.S. tour dates with Imagine Dragons, alongside her own North America headline shows, and she recently completed dates in the UK and Europe, including a sold-out headline show at London Heaven. She will be performing at various festivals this summer – full dates can be found below.


Disc 1
1. Spaceman
2. True Romance
3. BadMood
4. Real Love

Disc 2
1. Kindness
2. Live To Survive
3. Wheelspin
4. Cool To Cry
5. Youth Is Lost
6. New Moon
7. Brad Pitt
8. Goosebumps
9. Hip Bones
10. Punches

MØ 2022 Tour Dates

August 12- Flow Festival, Finland
August 13 – Way Out West Festival, Sweden
November 20 – Corona Capital Festival, Mexico



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