Mister Lies Premieres his track “Deepend”

Mister Lies Premieres his track "Deepend" his full-length 'Shadow' comes out October 28th on Orchid Tapes

Mister Lies is the multimedia project of musician, producer and performance artist Nick Zanca. He was born in Washington, D.C. in 1992 and raised in New Canaan, Connecticut. The project, named after an imaginary friend to a character in Tony Kushner’s play “Angels In America”, was established when Zanca moved to Chicago in persuit of a playwriting degree at Columbia College. His dorm-room experiments became anonymous Bandcamp releases in early 2012 before Lefse Records released his first full-length, “Mowgli”, the following year. His creations are a ghostly, nocturnal blend of ambient pop and IDM and has been compared to “1990s trip-hop”. He is now based in New York City where he is at work on his second full length.

Mister Lies Premieres his track "Deepend" Mister Lies – Shadow
Out October 28th via Orchid Tapes
Track List:
1. Nymph
2. Deepend
3. New Woof
4. A Room Without
5. High (Feat. Harrison Lipton)
6. Pill
7. Stuck _ Ouija Fade (Feat. Arrange)
8. Push Becoming Shove

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