“Mirror” Ider

"Mirror" by Ider is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.' The track is now available via Glassnote records and various streaming services.
Photo by Lottie Turner

IDER recently released their new single ‘Mirror’ via Glassnote (Chvrches, Phoenix, and more). The track was Produced by MyRiot, ‘Mirror’ follows up their summer release ‘You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby’. The single is described as a journey which begins in the loss of self-identity felt after splitting with a partner, but ends in a triumphant celebration of your own personal strength. ‘Mirror’ is a result of recording sessions for the band’s debut album – slated for 2019 – with MyRiot (‘Mirror’) and Rodaidh McDonald (‘YGYWLAOYB’) – renowned for his work with Adele, Sampha and The xx to name but a few.

IDER on “Mirror”

“The idea for ‘Mirror’ started with that moment when you get up in the middle of the night to have a wee and you catch yourself in the mirror and for a second, you don’t recognise yourself,” the band’s Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick begin. “We feel like everyone’s done that – when you pull weird faces at yourself in the night time light to try and freak yourself out. The song is predominantly about going through a break up and realising that you have attached so much of your identity to that other person that you’re not sure who you are without them.” ‘Mirror’ is another deeply affecting and personal piece of music from Somerville and Markwick, who sum up: “It’s the journey of self discovery as you learn to come back to yourself, and the acceptance that sometimes people are shit. But in the end, we will be ok.”

IDER, recently performed at Appletree Garden in Germany and Wales’ Green Man this summer, with a date at Pitchfork Paris Avant Garde on 30 October carrying on their run of global tour dates from 2017, which included European dates with Oh Wonder and Ibeyi, as well as a slew of performances at Austin’s SXSW festival.


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