“Minimal” by Phoenix Martins

"Minimal" by Phoenix Martins is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'

Phoenix Martins is one of the UK’s newest talents. She recently streamed her band new EP Œ47. Last year, she took to the stage at Yahoo! Wireless Festival and the Roundhouse for Summer Sessions. Not only this, but Phoenix has worked with a lengthy list of artists, in the studio and on the road, including Beaty Heart, King Charles, The Noisettes, Fife Dangerfield and Ebony Bones. Most recently, she toured singing with Beaty Heart on their US tour supporting Jungle.

The brand new EP is a combination minimalist echo’s and cinematic production intertwined with an auditory view of vast soundscapes with elegantly delivered angelic vocals by Phoenix Martins.

Œ47¹ – Phoenix descibes her brand new EP – ¹47′ is my angel number, about a year ago, I started seeing the numbers 4 & 7 everywhere, digital clocks, whenever I looked at my phone it would be 7.47 etc. Even when I would look round at a door number it would be 47, car registration plates, literally everywhere. So I looked it up and the numbers translated as inner-wisdom, enlightenment, mysticism, individualism, spiritual awakening and that I am on the right path in life. These experiences led me to have 47 tattooed on my left hand. I choose my left hand because artistically I am [DIY/Left field] in my approach to music making and my artistry in general. Retrospectively each song is an individual reflective discovery of all my experiences while undergoing this spiritual journey.




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