Middle Child Debuts “Burn Out” Visualizer

Middle Child Debuts new single "Burn Out." The track is now available to via Casual Jam Records and various steaming services
Middle Child "Burn Out"

In 2021, Mikey Wax decided to take a new and exciting direction by forming the indie pop duo Middle Child. Today, they have released their debut single “Burn Out.” The track is now available via Casual Jam Records, a fast growing label owned by popular UK tastemaker MrRevillz. The duo features producer Jacob Lee and songwriter/vocalist Mikey Wax. Middle Child’s music infuses childhood memories with the trials and tribulations of adulthood, while trying to make a living as songwriters in Los Angeles.

“You keep me cool when I’m gonna burn out,” sings Middle Child. The first single off the upcoming EP steps inside a worried mind (“What if I should lose you?”) and celebrates the balance that the singer’s friend or lover provides (“you keep me sane”). Produced in a minimalistic hip-hop/indie pop vibe, the song reaches an anthemic “and we dance away” refrain to bring it all full circle like the ups and downs of everyday life.


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