MGMT Remix Django Django’s “Spirals”

MGMT Remix Django Django's "Spirals."
MGMT Remix Django Django's "Spirals."

Django Django, recently returned their single “Spirals.” Today, they have shared a special version of the track. MGMT, have spun it off into another direction entirely, creating a deep, low-slung, funky trip into the cosmos. Where the original was a tightly coiled blast of pop perfection, MGMT unravel it and turn it into a delirious, majestic sprawl, complete with galloping beats, shimmering synths and cathedral bells, a luxurious reupholstering of the track that needs to be heard to be believed, and is accompanied by a trippy visual by Gemma Yin Taylor. Previously available only as a B-side on the vinyl edition of “Spirals”, the band have a brand new track called “The Ark” out and available to stream and download now.

We’ve been huge MGMT fans from the start and we’re over the moon that they’ve taken on Spirals for this wonderful remix.


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