“Mercy” By The Blessed Madonna FT: Jacob Lusk

The Blessed Madonna, recently shared the official video for her latest single “Mercy”, a collaboration with Jacob Lusk of Gabriels. Directed by LOOSE, the video captures the riotous energy of The Blessed Madonna’s recent Sonar performance where she was joined by 40 dancers curated by French DJ and Drag Race France judge Kiddy Smile. Armed with multiple go-pros and a fully-stocked bar on stage, the video documents the world of chaos that unfolded during the set, which culminated in Lusk performing “Mercy” live to thousands of ecstatic partygoers.

Speaking about “Mercy feat Jacob Lusk (Live from Sonar, 16 June 2023, Barcelona)”, The Blessed Madonna says:

“Dance music is enough.

I think sometimes we forget that. We smother dance music in confetti cannons and we bottle the euphoria for the sake of “content.” We edit the nights that change our lives into fragmented digital “moments.” I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I don’t want to sell you a pantomimed party.

I want more. I want a deeper exchange. I want intimacy and joy. I want to invite you into the real thing and just let it happen. So, welcome. This is “Mercy.” Every part of making it has been a miracle and a blessing, up to and including the radiant, genius, loving heart that is Jacob Lusk. I begged him for two years to sing the record, eventually literally following him around the Brits and carrying the train of his cape, which was just a little too long. I was— smitten. And I still am. I will carry Jacob’s cape anywhere he lets me.

It’s time to give you our song, performed live and without rehearsal or choreography or confetti at Sonár in my beloved, beloved second home, Barcelona: filled with joy, heart and freedom.

And it’s all we need.”

While Jacob Lusk adds:

“Recording Mercy with The Blessed Madonna has been a life changing moment for me. Prior to filming the video I launched myself into the throng of performers and danced like no one was watching. For the first time I not only understood but felt the freedom and safety the floor provides. The Blessed Madonna gave from her whole heart that night. You could feel it in every song, and Mercy is no exception.”

Released on 23rd June via FFRR / Warner Records, “Mercy” is the latest music from the Kentucky-born, London-based DJ, producer and club culture iconoclast. London clubbers first heard the track in May when Lusk made a surprise live appearance at The Blessed Madonna’s roadblocked We Still Believe party to bless the dancefloor with his inimitable vocal. The track was co-produced with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and features additional vocals from the House Gospel Choir.

It’s the latest in a run of recent releases from The Blessed Madonna. Following 2022’s Uffie-vocalled “Serotonin Moonbeams” – The Blessed Madonna’s first single in over the 5 years – she quickly followed up with collaborations with Chicago house legend Jamie Principle (on “We Still Believe”).

In recent years, The Blessed Madonna has appeared as the vocalist on Fred again..’s lockdown anthem, “Marea (We Lost Dancing)”, become the voice of Saturday night radio, been immortalised as a GTA5 character and provided remixes for the The Chemical Brothers, Florence & The Machine and, Elton John.


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