“Memories” By Strabe

"Memories" By Strabe is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Memories" By Strabe is Northern Transm

Strabe recently dropped “Memories”, the duo’s track is now available now on [PIAS]. The single arrived with details of their debut album How Our Love Grows, due for release on September 15th, also out via [PIAS].

“Memories” sees Strabe looking back: on past love, those relationships that shaped you, and who you are today. With a sound that summons the wistful alternative-pop of bands like The Cranberries – together with the emotive, electronic dance influences of Fred Again..or Romy – it’s all washed in blue, connecting with the water-theme and visual world of Strabe’s upcoming project. As the band themselves put it, “Memories’ perfectly toes the line between the sunny, bright pop side of this album and the deeper, more emotionally delicate sounds we have created in other tracks.”

The duo originally met in the smoking section of Cork Music Festival, bonding over their eerily similar music tastes before quickly realizing that they each represented the missing piece of the other’s creative dreams. Angelica, who is originally from Edinburgh, had pages upon pages of lyrics without a real home, while Dubliner Emmet had an electronic solo project without a voice tethering it all together. Back then, Angelica was on the run from themself without even realizing it, grappling with both their sexuality and their dad’s death. Many of the earlier STRABE songs that formed debut mixtape JUVENOIA tap into this shimmering sense of escapism, with the anthemic “Best Worst Year” or “Life On Pause” soon appearing prophetic for a generation whose own coming-of-age was seized by the pandemic.

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