Mark Lanegan Covers Whomadewho – Listen to Tracks

WhoMadeWho had their way with Mark Lanegan’s “Deep Black Vanishing Train”, while Lanegan responded with a cover of WMW’s “Below the Cherry Moon”, from their latest release “Brighter”. The very limited vinyl will only be available through the website which launches December 1st. After December 31st both tracks will also be made available digitally.

During the past few months both WhoMadeWho and Mark Lanegan have been working on each other’s tunes. Earlier this year, the Copenhagen based trio reached out to Lanegan with the idea of a joint release, the idea seemed to be obvious to Lanegan: “I think they’re really great. They’ve made some great albums and I’d consider myself a fan.”

In the meantime WhoMadeWho started working on Lanegan’s “Deep Black Vanishing Train” from his amazing album, “Funeral Blues”. The warm feelings and respect for a fellow musician are also reciprocated by the Danes towards Mark. As guitarist and co-vocalist, Jeppe Kjellberg, adds “ It’s a great honor to get this kind of respect and recognition by a musician you admire. I was very moved the first couple of times I heard his take on one of our songs. His deep voice and this authentic American accent highlights the feeling and lyrics even more. “

The two tracks will be released on a red 7”, limited to only 1.111 copies. The hand numbered vinyl will be shipped in a custom made envelope that will stress that you should not open the package and spin the record before Christmas day.

The collaborating musicians have also decided, that on the time of Christmas celebrations and in the spirit of giving, all the money from the proceedings of the release should be donated to support the work of Amnesty International.