Maple Glider Reveal Double Single With New Video “You’re Gonna Be A Daddy”

Maple Glider Reveal New Video "You’re Gonna Be A Daddy"
Maple Glider Reveal New Video "You’re Gonna Be A Daddy"

Maple Glider has released a double single taken from her upcoming LP I Get Into Trouble – out 13 October via Partisan and Pieater.

“You At The Top Of The Driveway” and “You’re Gonna Be A Daddy” are sibling songs (in more ways than one) that bridge Side A and Side B of the album, and were written for and dedicated to Maple Glider’s songwriting muse – her niece. The track’s melt into one another, unfurling layers of lackadaisical guitar and candied vocals which create a hushed version of Maple’s infectious folk-pop. It’s an honest expression of love that captures the beautiful and unique worldview-shift that comes along with welcoming a new life into the world. Of the song pair, Zietsch says:

“I wrote these songs together as part one and two when I found out I was going to be an aunty for the first time. I experienced an urgent feeling of wanting to be near her, and I imagined all the things we’d be able to do together, in the same places where my brother and I grew up. I was having all sorts of considerations about my place in the world and what I am doing here, and I was searching for the things / people that hold importance to me.”

The video for “You’re Gonna Be A Daddy” was filmed on Dja Dja Wurrung country in central Victoria, at The Salvage Yard, and is gratuitously full of colourful costumes and a fabulous unicorn affectionately nicknamed “Stubz”. It was created with the same team behind the clip for previous single “Dinah” – co-directed by Bridgette Winten and filmed by Tom Dunphy

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